We are a vibrant collection of mostly long-life (student) football players. Football is the element that forms us as a team, on and off the field. 
Since we are a selection team, we always strive for the best way of playing and the best results by training hard and disciplined (whilst having fun) during the week. Since this season we play in the 2nd class, our goal is to maintain this league! We train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at X led by our trainers Nuno Pereira and Jaime Negro. Saturday is of course our favourite day where we try our best to either keep the points home or take them home. After working our asses off in the first and second half, it is of course time for the third half, where our team shows to be just as ambitious. Team dinners and drinks are organized almost every month. Our team weekend is a yearly returning team bonding festivity somewhere in the Netherlands where football is of lesser importance. We start every season with a training camp, where football is the key element and everyone’s mindset is adjusted. Also, we annually compete in Ariston’s Douwe van der Kooi tournament and try to go to Groningen to see how we compare to other student teams. Would you like to join us and try training with us? Send the technical committee (tc@ariston80.nl) an e-mail with your football history. Remember the transfer deadline is June 15th!

Preparations for the new season

Ariston'80 Ladies 1 training camp

The training camp for the upcoming season is done! All of us are now mentally and physically prepared for our competition in the second class. After the intense trainingsessions in the gym and on the field, a visit to the sauna provided the necessary relaxation so our muscles could give everything on another day of training. We want to thank Nuno Pereira for the all of the trainings during this weekend.
The time for preparation is now over and it’s time for the real thing. Our first match of the season is the cupmatch against Westlandia this Saturday. We are ready to fight for another succesfull season!!


Nuno Pereira


Jaime Negro

Assistant trainer

Danny Poot


Lizzy Berendsen


Tessel Snijders Blok


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